Elecciones en EEUU: Gary Barker: “Pensábamos que estábamos ganando, pero es hora de volver al trabajo, la lucha por la igualdad debe continuar”

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Quiero compartir la reflexión que nos ha enviado mi colega Gary Barker sobre la victoria de Trump en las elecciones en los Estados Unidos. Tal vez pecamos de optimismo, y nos excedimos en las luchas intestinas, idealismos estériles, desconfianzas, sectarismos…Tal vez nos hemos equivocado demasiado. Ahora toca reconstruir, recomponer, escuchar, hacer, compartir, desde la mirada amplia y el corazón vestido de humildad. La igualdad, es más necesaria que nunca, todas y todos somos necesarios para hacer frente a un futuro mucho más gris de lo que pensábamos.

Seguimos y seguiremos, Yes we can!

As I walked out of my house this morning I wanted to apologize to the 10-year-old girl walking past me on her way to the bus stop. I didn’t want to apologize for the man, Donald Trump. I wanted to apologize for the 49% of voters who voted for Trump’s message of hate, of racism, of xenophobia, of homophobia, of American exceptionalism, and of misogyny. I wanted to apologize for how few women leaders, how few African American leaders, how few voices representing the diversity of this country and representing our deep historical roots of social justice were even on this this year’s roster of candidates.
As father of a daughter currently in a progressive university and focusing her studies on critiquing the media and cultural forces that create and reinforce misogyny and homophobia and xenophobia, I feel deeply ashamed at what this country has voted for. As husband of an immigrant, from Brazil, who just saw her country’s first woman president impeached and replaced by an all-white, all men government (some of whose members quickly praised Trump’s election as a model for Brazil), I feel deeply ashamed at what this country has voted for. And I feel deeply worried for all who are recent immigrants to this country for the rising and now unrestrained voices of xenophobia.
As an activist voice for Promundo and our cause of gender and social justice, and as a man committed to our cause of ending toxic masculinities and including men and boys in the feminist cause of equality, I feel deeply ashamed at what this country has voted for.
And yet.
Once we have gotten over being ashamed, it is time to get back to work. Perhaps we were thinking too optimistically. We wanted to believe that our cause of social, racial and gender justice was winning the hearts and minds in this country (and elsewhere). Just as we wanted to believe that Colombia’s decades-long conflict could be ended with the Colombian populace voting for a peace treaty, or we wanted to believe that Britain’s rising xenophobia and isolationist fear could be squelched by a vote against Brexit, or that reason and progressive voices would prevail in Brazil. We hoped change and social justice would be easier. We hoped we were winning.
Today we woke up and realized how much work we (still) have to do. The progressive causes of the 1960s and 1970s, the recent gains in women’s rights in international treaties, the steady march toward a rule of law and a human rights agenda in the world led us to believe at times that we were winning. But it is clear that such struggles are far from over. And for those of us who believe that patriarchy and toxic masculinities are part of the problem – and were inclined to think that they might have been in retreat – we have woken up to a day that slaps us in the face and says: Our work is far from over.
I look at the faces at my Promundo colleagues and realize how fatigued and exasperated we are all by how much we have done, and a realization of just how much there still is to do.
And so this message is to all of you – staff, colleagues, partners, fellow voices in the cause for gender equality, my wife and my daughter. Our work has never been more important and more relevant to the world. What all of you do every day matters and matters more today than it ever has.
I am deeply ashamed and saddened and angry to see that our country has elected a Misogynist-in-Chief. For our part as Promundo, for women and girls here and around the world, for ourselves, for men who say that Mr. Trump does not speak for us and what we believe in: the cause must and will continue.

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